Extended Service Programs

Extended Service Programs

Why Should I have a Partner Plan?

  • Offers peace of mind
  • Priority Dispatched Service Calls
  • Allows you to budget total telephony expenditures
  • No Hassles – No Problems No extra cost
  • Latest Software upgrades
  • Discounted Pricing for additional equipment
  • Gives you the service and response your company deserves

Current Technology Assurance Program

NO CHARGE: Moves Adds and Changes Labor
NO CHARGE: Software Upgrade Labor
NO CHARGE: Remote Support Service Calls during normal business hours
NO CHARGE: Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit
NO CHARGE: Remote Programming
NO CHARGE: For Desi / Key Strips
NO CHARGE: For "No Trouble Found" service calls
NO CHARGE: For periodic replacement of handset and station cords
NO CHARGE: For Software Upgrades
NO CHARGE: For labor when in-house equipment is added or replaced
NO CHARGE: Annual analysis of connectivity charges
NO CHARGE: Unlimited Remote Moves and Changes (excluding structured wiring)
NO CHARGE: Backup and archiving of system databases where applicable
NO CHARGE: Unlimited Training
PRIORITY: Queue Dispatch and Schedule
PREFERRED service and replacement of defective equipment per factory recommendations
GUARANTEE of "Inventory on Hand"
NO CHARGE: Customer having complete peace of mind


All Parts Inclusive: We cover all Telephone System Manufactured parts and labor on normal wear and tear to the system.

Free Software Upgrades: Gateway TelNet will upgrade your system to the latest software version at no cost, up to twice per year (given two upgrades are available by manufacturer).

On site product support: In case of product failure Gateway TelNet will pick up your equipment on site and either fix the problem, or replace with equivalent product.

Training: 2 hours of free product training per year is available to each support agreement customer upon request.

Free Programming: 2 free remote service calls per year.

Telephone Consultation: Is always provided at no additional cost to insure that you are making the best use of your telephone system and auxiliary components. We can recommend program changes; system upgrades or even replacement systems when the time comes.

Exceptional Response Time: We provide Prioritized technical support on average within (48) business hours for minor problems. For major failures (system down) we offer Response within 4 hours. Additional fees may apply for after- hours service.

Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

Dial Tone Analysis: Free cost saving telecommunications analysis per year is available to each support agreement customer. This means we will send an expert to your facility to analyze your phone bills, long distance carrier and telephone system to ensure that you are operating as cost effectively as possible.

Non Coverage: The warranty does not cover service visits without problems found, or problems created with your phone company lines or network to your system. Additional labor charges may apply in these instances. Coverage does not apply to any equipment not listed on the maintenance agreement.

Free: Key Strips replacements for the telephones once a year. Customer to supply the names to be printed and we will ship them directly to you. If program changes are needed, we would need to count the visit as a service call.

For more information please call our Partner Plan representative at (818) 775-1234 or send us a message »