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Fall Checklist

Fall Checklist

Fall is here. Soon our sky will surrender to the damaging cold and wet weather of the new season. Gateway Telnet would like to point out some key measures to consider before this inevitable weather. Below is a system checklist to ensure your phone system is protected through the fall and winter.

Phone System Battery Backup - How old is your battery back up? GATEWAY TELNET recommends that you replace your phone systems battery back up every two years to ensure your system is up and running hours after a power failure. Request a battery replacement and receive a 10% discount of the unit price!

Power Protection - Power spikes and brown outs are very damaging to a phone system. The sudden disruption during outages can potentially damage multiple components of the phone system. By equipping your phone system with a proper power protection unit, crippling power spikes to the PBX will no longer occur. Request this service and receive a 10% discount.

Back up Programming - A tremendous amount of hours are invested when programming a phone system and as business needs change, the programming of the phone system changes to match new needs. Extensions, mailboxes, and how your calls are being routed are just some of the programming changes that typically take place throughout the year. Protect this investment by making proper backup precautions for your PBX or the system can potentially lose all programming due to a minor failure or catastrophic loss. Gateway Telnet highly recommends installing a Back up Programming solution for your PBX. Setup is very quick and easy.

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Gateway Telnet highly recommends you consider this checklist before entering the new season. Wondering the age of your current battery backup? Uncertain if there is a power protection unit equipped on your phone system? Please direct your questions to our service department at
(818) 775-1234, or send us an email at