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Reducing Expenses in a Down Economy

Reducing Expenses in a Down Economy

All businesses want to minimize expenses in order to maximize their bottom line. But when the economy is in a downturn, many SMBs look at drastic cuts in order to stay profitable. Before you make those cuts, take a look at one of your biggest operating expenses – your voice and data network. Here are some areas that GATEWAY TELNET suggests you look at to reduce current expenditures:

Conduct a Carrier Review of your voice and data services

Gateway Telnet provides a full connectivity review of all your local, long distance and data expenses. They are many opportunities for cost savings through your telecom expenses. Stronger, more efficient voice and data technology has emerged, allowing your recurring monthly carrier expenses to be set at a lower level. Many companies don't have the time or resources to evaluate and explore their options to these high recurring operating costs. Let Gateway Telnet do the work for you! Gateway Telnet has multiple cost-reducing solutions for your voice, data and even cellular services. Working with 23 different carriers gives GATEWAY TELNET the opportunity to provide you with the best carrier service solution available. We'll evaluate your usage and trends and bring recommendations that can reduce your bills up to 30%. If you'd like to know more, email us at

Eliminate Unexpected Service Repairs on your telecom equipment with Fixed Partner Plans

Gateway Telnet offers two partner programs, Gold and Platinum, aimed at creating an environment where you can get Tier 1 support for a fixed price. Both Gateway Telnet Partner Programs provide a plethora of benefits and guarantees that prolong the life of your current Toshiba phone system and protect your original investment from unexpected service repairs.

In today's business environment, there are many unexpected adds, moves and changes. When a business environment changes, the phone system requires updated maintenance. Included with a Gateway Telnet Partner Program are free remote programming sessions to assist you with all your adds, moves and changes amongst your Toshiba phone system. The yearly recurring costs associated with making any add, move or change on a time and material basis can be high. Joining either of our Partner Programs alleviate uncertainty and unforeseen repairs associated with your businesses most vital pieces of equipment. Send us an email to learn more.

Reduce Travel Expenses with online technology

Due to today's costly expenses associated with travel, communicating through the web is a far more efficient and cost-effective way to conduct business. One of Gateway Telnet's strategic partners, ConferTel, provides solutions including audio bridge conferences, web-based seminars, and online meetings or presentations using interactive collaboration tools. Let Gateway Telnet and ConferTel set you up! ConferTel's webinar service provides you with ways to diversify and expand your educational offerings. Make programs more accessible, reach a wider audience and generate substantial revenue. ConferTel's interactive Webinars allow you to increase the value of your organization by offering training programs and informational seminars that are economical and convenient to attend. To learn more visit our website at

On average the Gateway TelNet reviews save customers over 30%

The Technology Advantage: Free Audio Conferencing provided by ConferTel

The Technology Advantage: Free Audio Conferencing provided by ConferTel

Gateway Telnet is pleased to announce our partnership with ConferTel, a leading teleconferencing provider to deliver the best value in conferencing. One of their premiere offerings is large group audio conferencing. Audio conferencing from ConferTel provides full-featured, easy to use automated audio conference calling at your fingertips. ConferTel conferencing services provide crystal clear voice quality and enhanced features. Signing up is quick and easy. No reservations are required. There is no term contract and no minimum monthly usage. If you currently use conferencing from another source, we encourage trying ConferTel. Not only is it a great service, it is often more economical than the other leading providers.

To show our confidence in ConferTel, Gateway Telnet is offering 300 free minutes of audio conferencing to members who simply sign up at the Gateway Telnet website. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and sign up now. For any questions on how to sign up throughout website, please call our main line and speak to an GATEWAY TELNET representative.

The Technology Advantage: Free Audio Conferencing provided by ConferTel